Skinception vs. Revitol: And the Winner for Best Natural Eye Cream is…

Everybody wants to get rid of their eyebags, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. The women will readily agree to beautiful, youthful looking eyes.

Eyelasticity vs Revitol

Do you know which one is the best natural eye cream?

But most people do not want to undergo invasive procedures like surgery or Botox treatment — they are mindful of the risks and high costs.

That’s the principal reason why many women are interested in quality eye creams that work, such as Skinception’s Eyelasticity and Revitol’s Eye Cream. But in the battle between Skinception and Revitol, who is the winner for best natural eye cream?

There’s Something About the Best Eye Creams

The best eye cream for bags, dark circles and wrinkles are able to eliminate puffiness, erase fine lines and lighten the under-eye area. The trick is really to find that eye cream which delivers exactly what the skin around your eyes need. Which means you’d rule out general-purpose facial creams.

Both Skinception and Revitol products do a great job, though one is said to be better than the other. Our full review of Revitol Eye Cream has all the details of what goes into the product, its merits and weak points, consumer feedback and more. As for Eyelasticity, let’s have a closer look now…

What is Eyelasticity?

Bottle of Eyelasticity eye cream

Age-defying eye therapy

Based on what is seen on Skinception’s website, Eyelasticity is an age-defying eye therapy cream which targets facial issues such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye puffiness, sagging and more. It reduces or diminishes these blemishes with a special formulation of patented active ingredients that have weird-sounding names.

According to its manufacturer, the Eyelasticity eye cream is not the typical topical moisturizer in that it goes beyond the skin surface to prevent further damage to that delicate skin area beneath the eyes. Doing this helps to slow down pre-mature aging and avoid accelerating the visible signs.

Eyelasticity is a product which has earned endorsements from medical professionals like Boston-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dave David. The product has its merits — clinical trials showed puffiness was reduced in 95% of subjects tested; wrinkle depth reduction of 20%; and a 35% reduction of dark circles. But let’s keep in mind that a testimonial like this from the medical industry can be part of a marketing strategy.

Eyelasticity Ingredients

This cream from the Skinception line contains natural moisturizers as well as antioxidants and vitamins derived from milk thistle, gingko biloba, green tea extracts and other sources. It has active ingredients which are patented, as described below. The names of these key constituents in the formulation can pose quite a challenge for most consumers — it is unclear if such fancy names convey the scientific backing and efficacy of the ingredients or simply lend themselves to good marketing.


This award-winning compound marketed by Lipotec contains acetyl tetrapeptide-5, which works to reduce puffiness as well as dark circles under the eyes.

By improving vascular health, averting the breakdown of collagen, strengthening the under eye skin and preventing fluid retention, Eyeseryl can effectively fight off eye puffiness. However, there is no mention if it can drain fluid to reduce the swelling that causes puffy eyes.


A complex that’s completely free from parabens, Regu-age is made from soy peptides and purified rice; together, they produce the antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase.

In-vitro tests of Regu-age showed that it improves microcirculation; protects both elastin and collagen; and lessens the effects of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin by decreasing the appearance of under-eye dark circles by 35%. Yet it is vague if such tests are suggestive of results at the Eyelasticity product level or just the proprietary biological complex itself.

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Believe it or not, Syn-ake is a synthetic version of a compound found in temple viper snake venom (and hence its queer name?). Also known as dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate, its main purpose is to paralyze facial muscles — in mimicking what Botox does, skin is tightened and hence wrinkles disappear.

You would think that such a potent ingredient would be used in wrinkle creams, but few of them have it. Yet it is present in the Eyelasticity anti-aging formula. It should be noted that the amount used in such a topical application is much less vis-a-vis the Botolinum toxin found in Botox injections.

Still, the paralytic effect of Syn-ake does not have any blind peer reviews whatsoever, albeit there is a study on it which looks more of a product sheet indicating positive test results. Without in-depth research into safety and given its controversial nature, it’s anyone guess where the FDA stands on this.


As a natural derivative of soya, ProCollONe+ stimulates collagen tissues which bind cells and skin together. This counteracts the decreased in production of natural collagen in the body brought on by aging, and which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Not surprisingly, the best wrinkle creams and high-end skin care products all include some kind of collagen booster. ProCollONe+, as used in Eyelasticity, is manufactured by France-based Silab, a specialist in producing ingredients from organic and natural sources.

Is Eyelasticity the Best Eye Cream?

Probably not quite. Not in the natural eye cream category, we think. Perhaps it’s more targeted as an alternative for those who have tried and given up on Botox, or are just shy of trying the jabs.

To be fair, it can be hard to compare eye creams given that their formulations can be very different. Our guideline has always been safe aesthetic solutions as the primary goal. With this, we can focus on the use of natural ingredients and no parabens as key parameters to assess competing products which make the cut.

Eyelasticity is a nice skin care product which have many natural ingredients and correctly targets the specific needs of under-eye skin for its repair and maintenance. The contention has got to be the unnatural manner in which facial muscles are tightened by synthetic venom — this is even sold as “Botox in a bottle” — to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Such a pity, though.

If Not, What Then is the Best?

Opened jar of Revitol Eye Cream

The best natural eye cream

People in the know about anti-aging products are aware that the Revitol Eye Cream vs. Eyelasticity fight is a close one. We now have a better understanding of what Eyelasticity is and can do. What about Revitol’s product?

With Revitol Eye Cream, you get a product made by a company noted for its scientific breakthroughs based on the latest and the most extensive research. This company is especially renowned for using exotic ingredients from all over the world in their series of natural skin care products.

Revitol’s eye cream uses many ingredients derived from nature, like Bisabolol from the chamomile plant; Chrysin from the blue passion flower; Capric Triglyceride from palm oil and glycerin; and Fraxinus Excelsior bark extract from the ash tree. Head over to our Revitol review here to learn more about how each natural ingredient can benefit you in the quest of tackling eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

The sheer number of positive Revitol user reviews –- both on the official website as well as numerous product review sites –- can give you a pretty good idea about how effective the product is. Being the most affordable eye cream in its class, it is well appreciated by discerning women on a budget who demand a quality solution to their eye problems.

What a Close Fight…

Surprisingly, quite a few review websites have named the more-expensive Eyelasticity as their #1 eye cream, oblivious of the Botox-like numbing effect of one of its ingredient. Although this Skinception product is also paraben-free like Revitol Eye Cream, its ability to paralyze facial muscles can be a disconcerting factor.

With due considerations, Revitol wins hands down with their top eye cream product which deals effectively with dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. In the competitive anti-aging marketplace, that is by no means an easy feat; but Revitol’s safe and natural formula has gotten it far ahead of the rest. The voice and choice of the consumer just can’t be ignored.

Over at Revitol’s official site, you can read numerous testimonials and customer reviews; find out about the product’s efficacy, how to order and enjoy discounts; and check their FAQ to clear any doubts. Decide for yourself if Revitol is the winner for you in this match between Eyelasticity vs. Revitol.

The fact that you are looking for a natural eye cream means you don’t want to poison your body with toxins, like what you’d get with Botox injections. If your top concern remains safe skin care, then it is less likely that Eyelasticity would fit the bill given its Syn-ake component. You’d be better off with the lower-cost but effective eye cream from Revitol.

In our final analysis, Revitol is the top cream in the natural eye cream category. Outside of this, it remains the best; while Eyelasticity from Skinception comes in a close second.

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