Searching for The Best Under Eye Cream? Give Revitol a Try

Jar of Revitol Eye Cream, opened

Have we found the best eye cream?

The beauty industry is rife with all sorts of eye creams, those good and not so good.

Fancy containers and packaging, celebrity endorsements and marketing hype all add up to create confusion in the market place.

Even those product comparison lists aren’t spared – they are usually replete with high ratings that don’t really help the consumer to discern the best under eye cream from the better ones.

It is therefore not at all surprising that many women may feel that the cosmetics giants are out to get them to buy more skin care products.

But when it comes to face care like an undereye cream, renowned dermatologist Kenneth Beer, MD, PA, has cautioned:

The skin around your eye is the thinnest… therefore the most sensitive… using a cream made specifically for your eyes is crucial, especially as you age

Very useful advice, really.

Is There Really a Best Eye Cream for Bags and Dark Eye Circles?

So, when it comes to treating eye problems like dark circles and eye bags, what should the best under eye creams be like? How do you sieve through the myriad choices out there quickly and home in on specific products which are effective? We suggest that you at least ask the questions in this simple checklist:

  • What ingredients go into the product, and how are these sourced?
  • What are the active ingredients, and how much of those are inside the product?
  • Are there any known side effects?
  • Who makes the product, and are they addressing generic or specific skin care needs?
  • Who shouldn’t use the product?
  • Is it value for money?

The common problem is that many of us just aren’t equipped with the resources to evaluate fairly and objectively. So we’d end up going through a series of trial-and-error experiences in our pursuit of getting eyes to look more attractive.

Swapping notes with friends is quite popular, but do you think they have done detailed research on how to make eye bags vanish and such? Or have they also relied on information sources we’ve all come to realize aren’t so accurate? Let’s do a quick test on what’s out there.

A Short Survey of Top Eye Creams Out There

For this exercise, we referenced the article “13 Best Eye Creams for 2014” published at Products on their list which don’t deal with puffy eyes or dark eye rings were not considered in our research. In the end, seven items caught our attention — here’s what we’d compiled for a quick recap:

Reviews of 7 best eye creams which don't contain paraben

What users said about the 7 best eye creams; we found only a few are without paraben!
[Compiled from ’13 Best Eye Creams for 2014′ at]

All these user feedback and ratings look compelling, until you look at the ingredients label** of each product. Here is the shocking truth: many of these top-rated products — including other popular ones not surveyed — contain paraben in various forms, such as Methylparaben and Butylparaben.

While parabens are used in cosmetic products as a preservative to extend shelf life, they are known to mimic the body’s hormones and disrupt the endocrine system once they enter the body. They are also linked to increased breast cancer risk, as a 2004 study by the University of Reading in the UK has shown. To learn more, read this PDF published by The Journal of Applied Toxicology.

That’s just one unsafe ingredient, which more and more people are increasingly conscious of now. Others could potentially be lurking in an eye cream product unless we meticulously check each ingredient against a reference source such as the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database at EWG. At least we seem to have a line of defence against products which may not benefit our body.

Discarding products with parabens, the original list of 7 products was quickly whittled down to 3, namely eye creams from ZO Skin Health, Shiseido and Ole Henriksen. How do they compare? You may want to study deeper — know that there are safer choices for how to eliminate dark circles and eye bags — before even considering if the price is right for your wallet.

Here’s Revitol Eye Cream: The 3-in-1 Solution for Troubled Eyes

A jar of Revitol Eye Cream

The 3-in-1 best undereye cream by Revitol

While we are on the topic of the best under eye treatment cream, consider this solution seriously: get Revitol Eye Cream and be wowed by the difference you’d see after using it.

For starters, this intensive eye cream does not contain any paraben. And its manufacturer created the product to combat three very bothersome beauty issues: dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles.

Sounds like a good product which warrants a closer look, doesn’t it?

Natural Ingredients Are Best for Your Face

Revitol’s 3-in-1 eye cream boasts of generous use of natural ingredients, such as Bisabolol, Chrysin, Fraxinus Excelsior bark extract and Niacinimide. These constituents, in conjunction with others, act as moisturizing emollients to keep the facial skin supple; and leverage their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to reduce eye puffiness and diminish fine lines and dark eye circles.

This skin care formulation is non-greasy and easy to apply. It penetrates the skin quickly to work its magic on the various problems troubling your eyes. Best of all, there are no known side effects with this natural-formula face care product.

We suggest that you learn more about how this natural cream can benefit you, by reading our Revitol Eye Cream review which has a detailed coverage.

You’ve Found a Way to Younger Looking Eyes

As Dr Beer has said,

Eye creams can, and often do, show results if they are used appropriately and for a long enough time.

Judging by those before-and-after pictures of women who have succeeded in reducing their eye bags and dark circles, indeed we can be hopeful to find eye creams that work. It all comes down to identifying the right one that suits your skin.

Revitol customer story

Customer story as seen on Revitol’s website
Note: Before-and-after pics are dramatized

If you have been on the hunt for the best eye cream for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, after being unsuccessful with other products, don’t give up yet. Perhaps you should try Revitol Eye Cream and see if its natural ingredients will work better for you. You never know, it could just be your best puffy eye cream and more :)

**Sources for list of ingredients:

Some manufacturers may have updated their product lines with new or improved ingredients and no longer carry the said products. Check with them if you are looking for replacements of discontinued products.

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