How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Look Refreshingly Youthful

If you suffer from bags underneath your eyes, you know all too well how they can affect your self-confidence. Because of how they make you look, eye bags can deprive you of feeling attractive, just because others perceive you as older than you really are, less vibrant and even sickly. Cheer up though, as we learn how to reduce puffy eyes and what really works.

Woman with eyebags before and after

It’s clear as day and night how youthful you’d look without puffy eyes
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Even though there are many known remedies to this eye problem, not all are effective for everyone. Two main reasons why this can happen are the failure to understand the underlying cause of under eye bags and applying the wrong solutions. Sometimes, expectations are mis-communicated as to what can make you look younger.

Thus, before exploring the methods to deal with those bags under your eyes, it is good to look first at what might be causing them.

Causes of Bags Under the Eyes

There are numerous explanations why a person gets bags under the eyes. Surprisingly, many cases can be traced to heredity — one or both parents have the eye problem. Other likely causes are medical conditions, lifestyle-induced triggers and aging.

The following table summarizes most of the common causes of eye bags:

Cause Examples
Lifestyle / Behavioral Too much salt intake; excessive alcohol consumption; smoking; sleep deprivation; oversleeping; excessive crying; sleep position
Infection Pink eye (conjunctivitis); Mononucleosis; Periorbital cellulitis; Trichinosis
Medical condition / Allergy Chronic sinus; nasal congestion; eczema; anemia
Disease Chagas disease; heart disease; kidney disease
Hormonal During menstruation or pregnancy; Hypothyroidism
Genetic Aging; certain hereditary factors

Depending on the cause, specific actions should be taken by an affected person to deal with the under-eye bags issue. Those with medically-related causes should work on their health problem first, while lifestyle-related ones often require a change of habits.

Note: If you are unsure what’s causing the puffiness around your eyes, it’s best to consult your doctor to rule out any threatening medical issues.

How to Reduce Eye Puffiness — Use an Under Eye Cream

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Puffy eyes gone with an undereye cream
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Regardless of what causes eye bags, there is always this one method that can help to improve the appearance of the areas around the eyes.

The under-eye cream is especially useful in the short term to help you cover up puffy eyes and associated dark circles. When used diligently for the longer term, this can be another effective way to get rid of dark eye circles and bags.

With the abundance of products available on the market, it is important that you know what to look for when choosing a cream for bags under eyes. The tips below can assist you in selecting a quality cream that can deliver results. Some things to look for include:

  • Key ingredients in the cream, e.g. emollients, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories
  • Quality and source of the ingredients
  • Harmful substances in the product, e.g. paraben?
  • Potential side effects of the eye cream
  • Reputation of the company which created the product
  • How the product claims to work
  • Customer reviews and their experience with the cream

Do not rely on the product’s price as an indication of the quality and potency of a puffy eye cream, i.e. an expensive cream may not necessarily outperform a mid-priced one. A good example is Revitol Eye Cream — you’d readily consider to purchase this affordable cream that does three remarkable things: it treats eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

Revitol Eye Cream — Best Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes

Revitol Eye Cream jar

Best under-eye cream for your puffy eyes

Loaded with natural ingredients, this under eye cream from Revitol is remarkable in soothing bags underneath the eyes. A jar usually lasts more than a month with twice-daily use.

With a non-greasy formula, application of the cream is a breeze; and it always leaves the skin with a feeling of youthful suppleness, smoothness and being pampered. The end result: eyes looking much brighter.

Most importantly, there are no parabens in Revitol Eye Cream. In case you aren’t aware, paraben has been linked to breast cancer and isn’t a required ingredient — it’s there just to extend shelf life of a product. Our complete review of Revitol’s eye cream has more details on ingredients and other vital info.

Common Home Remedies for Bags Under Eyes

The topic of home remedies for treating eye bags is always a popular one. Utilizing mostly items found in the house, these are inexpensive methods that can produce visible results; however, don’t place any bets that their effect on eye puffiness will last.

Even so, these options can provide a quick pick-me-up for the eyes. They are also suitable for people who have been advised to stay clear of any medications due to their present situations, such as pregnant women.

At-home eye bags remedies include the following:

  • Cucumber slices

    While lying down, place two cucumber slices over the eyes and leave them there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Cucumbers are known to be a natural anti-inflammatory; they help to constrict the blood vessels as well. A cool treat for puffy eyes.

  • Potato slices

    Potatoes are a good natural remedy to reduce puffiness, due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, place two slices on the eye area and stay for 10 minutes. One common complaint to be aware of is the strong, unfavorable odor of potatoes.

  • Egg whites

    Whip a single egg white until it is thickened. Apply it on the affected area around the eyes, using a toothbrush or Q-tip. This remedy works by tightening up the skin and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Green tea bags

    Steep 2 green tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes and remove. Let them cool naturally until mildly warm to the touch, or chill them in the fridge. With eyes closed while lying down, place one tea bag over each eye and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. The catechins in green tea, especially the EGCG polyphenol, can prevent swelling and inflammation.

  • Cold spoons

    Place a spoon in the freezer until it is cold, then apply the back side of the spoon on the affected eye area until the puffiness has diminished. This cold compression technique helps reduce swelling and tightens the skin.

  • Water intake

    Stay well hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Doing this can reduce puffiness under the eyes, since the body will not feel the need to store excess water.

  • Makeup

    Apply special makeup for bags under eyes to hide their appearance. The two most effective cosmetics products here are the concealer and foundation. A top-rate under eye cream for puffy eyes can also be part of a makeup regimen if used with care.

Are Botox Injections the Best Solution?

Is Botox worth it?

Do you know enough of Botox risks and side effects?
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When researching on how to reduce eye bags, the idea of Botox injections will surely jump out at you.

This option appears to be the instant solution to diminishing bags under the eyes, one which is convenient and relatively fuss-free. It is not without any downside though.

This clinical procedure involves injecting Botox into the affected area on the face. Botox contains a neurotoxin which relaxes the muscle and reduces the swelling around the eyes.

And this is exactly why the remedy can’t be considered good — you are putting poison into the body! Besides, the need for repeat visits and the associated costs should make you sit up.

As with all aesthetic enhancement ops, Botox has its share of problems. Patients have reported worsened puffiness and swelling after treatment. Many side effects are known, such as difficulty with swallowing, eye dryness, frequent urge to urinate, etc.

It is strongly recommended you approach this option with caution, if at all.

Wishing Your Puffy Eyes Away?

Bags underneath the eyes can be a real nuisance. Luckily, there are clear-cut and safe options to consider when it comes to how to reduce under eye puffiness, such as relying on home remedies or using a quality eye cream for bags.

While all of us strive to be presentable and look our best, sometimes the first step to all this is simply: acceptance. It may be pointless to wish away your puffy eyebags totally, since growing old is inevitable. Rather, make a conscious choice to deal with the problem, one that doesn’t bring harm to the body. With that, it then makes sense to look good, for yourself and others :)

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