Facelift Gym Review: Naturally Remove Eye Bags, Without Surgery

Facelift Gym for Women box

The safe way to remove eye bags

Botox injections, surgery for eye bags and laser treatment – all these are clinical procedures that women may resort to in their bid to remove eye bags permanently. However, the attendant risks and side effects of these ops, plus the hefty fees incurred, can hurt their body, not just the wallets.

Are there alternatives which can eliminate eye bags in a safer way?

As a matter of fact, there is a form of facial muscle exercise known as microcurrent facial toning that can help remove undereye bags naturally. Over here, we have reviewed Facelift Gym, the leading product in this category of natural solutions.

Note: Unlike other reviews you’d find online for this product, we have gone in-depth systematically to explore the whys and hows of this facial toning device. Our aim is to provide you with ample knowledge before you buy Facelift Gym – this is the pre-purchase research process we consciously remind our readers about at eyesthetic.org. So, read on…

Why is Facelift Gym Successful at Eliminating Eye Bags?

Many people are now realizing that wrinkles aren’t the only signs of aging. Eye bags and dark circles are issues which bother many as they can show up earlier and clearly on their face – it’s hard to hide the fact. Until they used this revolutionary toning system to work their face muscles, that is.

Facelift Gym woman before-n-after photo

Before and after results after 2.5 weeks of training.
Source: FLG marketing material

Assisted by electrical current, the Facelift Gym eye pads stimulate relaxed muscles under the eye area to train them — this increases blood circulation and brings about tighter skin, leading to the disappearance of puffiness. When applied correctly and diligently as suggested, noticeable results are often visible within 14 days of starting with this facial toning system.

Many users have been successful at getting rid of their eye bags — glowing testimonials at Facelift Gym’s website attest to their satisfaction with the solution.

A product of Fitness Cosmetics Ltd, who specializes in non-invasive anti-aging solutions, this first launched in Germany and France with positive PR coverage. It has been independently tested by the leading German magazine “Bild der Frau” and won their recommendation as an effective remedy for bags under the eyes. Influential French magazines “Cote Beauty” and “Cote Sante” also gave it rave reviews.

With huge demand seen in the Western world, like in the US and UK, the product has sold over 50,000 units. Just because it is proven to deal with eye bags.

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If you are visiting us from Europe, a warm welcome to you. In addition to its primary English website, Facelift Gym have a few dedicated sites in European language and which support shopping in Euros. To visit your choice of country-specific website, click on the appropriate flag below. Or if you prefer, continue on to read our English review…

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What Exactly is Facelift Gym and How Does it Work?

Their makers call it the “fitness alternative” to fixing eye bags and dark circles. It works on the principle of improving blood flow to tighten skin and restore elasticity. And this is done with the aid of micro amounts of pulsed electric current targeting the under-eye muscles.

Facelift Gym system components

Components of the complete facial toning system

The complete Facelift Gym system comprises the following:

  • Starter Kit
  • Cooling Mask
  • Facelift Repair
  • Facelift Drink

Just like in physical workouts, there are fitness and nutritional aspects to this so-called facial gymnastics method, e.g. warming up, cooling down and supplementation. But unlike usual facial exercises for eyes, Facelift Gym can do in 10 minutes what would normally require an hour to achieve the same muscle toning effect.

Starter Kit

The starter kit is the foundation of this fitness method to treat puffy eyes, so to speak. It consists of two training units (aka operating elements), each powered by a lithium battery (with an additional two pieces as spares), 6 pairs of self-adhesive training pads, a handy travel pouch and instructions.

Facelift Gym for Women inside the box

What’s inside the Starter Kit

How Does it Work?

Facelift Gym training units

These training elements are the heart of Facelift Gym

When turned on, the operating elements provide micro amounts of low-frequency electrical current at timed intervals. Three different facial massage programs – knocking, kneading and pressing (a combo of the first two) – provides different modes and intensities of workout on the face muscles.

After placing the elements on the vibration pads and with these pads held against the face, electrical impulses are sent directly to the muscles under the eyes. This action exercises and trains the “lazy” relaxed muscles and stimulates increased blood circulation, all good for diminishing eye bags and related dark circles.

Cooling Mask

Cooling Mask

The Cooling Mask is soothing

The cooling mask is a gel-filled eye mask. This is placed over the eyes after the muscle toning exercise is done.

Much like regular exercise, a period of cool down is essential; in this case, the cool mask helps by promoting better circulation and tightening of undereye skin.

Facelift Repair

Facelift Repair

Use Facelift Repair on “rest” days

This is a Hydrogel rejuvenating patch made with 100% natural ingredients, such as bamboo vinegar, green tea extracts and orange extracts. In addition, these repair patches contain collagen and vitamins C and E.

This unique formula works to unclog pores, cleanse and detoxify the under-eye skin. This removes residues left by face care products that were applied to the eye region and which might have caused eye bags to form.

After use, Facelift Repair does not leave anything on the skin unlike other cosmetics products. Besides tackling the problem of puffy eyes, this eye patch also aids in reducing wrinkles.

What are We Repairing?

Bad lifestyle habits are big contributors to the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Diets with excessive salt intake can cause water retention in the eye bags. Too much smoking and drinking of alcohol can cause chemical toxins to be retained in that area. High stress also plays a huge part in this problem of puffy eyes.

Facelift Repair pads help to soak up and remove toxins and waste from the lymph nodes beneath the eyes. The bamboo vinegar content detoxifies and rejuvenates the under-eye skin. With an escape route out of the body, toxins cannot accumulate — the result is disappearing eye bags making way for smooth and elastic skin.

Facelift Drink

Facelift Drink

Top up collagen with Facelift Drink

Facelift Drink is a drink powder to make a collagen and vitamin beverage. 80% of its ingredients are collagen of the highest grade; the rest includes vitamins B1, B2 and B12 at 180% dosage per RDA, vitamins C and E at 143% dosage, and other essential minerals.

Taking this drink helps to replenish the body with new collagen to rejuvenate the skin, a vital factor for getting rid of eye bags. This dietary supplement is akin to the nutritional component of a physical exercise regimen, with Facelift Gym as the fitness component.

Why is Collagen Essential?

The connective tissues under the skin near the eyes, as well as skin elsewhere, require proteins to continually do its job of building and discarding. Collagen is a good source of such proteins and its ability to bind with water makes the skin more elastic and stronger.

Produced naturally in the body, collagen makes up about 30% of all proteins found in the body and is important for the bones, skin and organs. However, as a person reaches the age of 25, natural collagen production slows down — this is one of a few processes in the body which are affected by aging. Helping the body top up on collagen becomes necessary at this point forward.

How Should You Use Facelift Gym?

Following the manufacturer’s advice closely is the key to effectively removing bags under the eyes. The typical fitness training routine involves the following:

  • Two to three times a week of under-eye facial toning, each session lasting for 10 minutes; followed by a cool down with the cooling mask
  • On days off, i.e. non-toning days, use the Facelift Repair pads to detox
  • Take Facelift Drink daily

Who MUST NOT Use Facelift Gym?

Due to the nature of electrical stimulation during facial muscle toning, only healthy adults may use Facelift Gym. The product isn’t suitable for people with certain medical conditions or in particular health states, including but not limited to the following:

  • Use of implanted electric devices, such as a cardio pacemaker
  • Heart rhythm disturbances
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychosis
  • Acute illness
  • High fever
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin injuries, cuts or swelling around the eye area
  • Post-operation rehab

For these people who must not use this electronic product under any circumstances, there is another safe option to reduce eye puffiness to consider: using a quality under-eye cream. We recommend these people to read our eye cream review on this page to learn about an excellent anti-aging cream.

Caution: When in doubt, always consult a medical professional to ascertain if the use of a facial toning system or eye cream is appropriate.

Facelift Gym for Men – The Guys Got Help Too

Puffy bags under the eyes don’t just bug the women; the men aren’t spared too. So, it’s good news that guys can use and benefit from micro-current facial toning as well – in fact, there is a version just for men.

Facelift Gym for Men box

The guys get it too

The guy’s version comes with operating elements that can emit more electrical current, up to 33% stronger than the lady’s. Everything else in the package is the same. The reason for the higher current is that men have tougher skin which may require stronger stimulation to work the facial muscles.

The unique situation for men is that frequent shaving helps to move those muscles around the mouth and neck, with the skin at these areas experiencing some form of massage which promotes better blood circulation. As such, the lower part of the face shows few signs of aging compared to the eye region, which perhaps hasn’t experienced any form of fitness for the longest time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Facelift Gym for Removing Eye Bags?

There are many positive aspects for this method which works effectively to remove ugly eye bags and improve appearance. Here are the main points:

  • Natural, safe and non-invasive, unlike Botox and cosmetic surgery; more affordable too
  • Medically approved, works on facial muscles to improve blood circulation
  • Results are noticeable in a short period of time, usually within weeks
  • Nutritional supplementation promotes healthy collagen
  • No known side effects
  • Easy to use and upkeep
  • Guys can actually use the ladies’ low-power version, and vice versa, catering to personal comfort levels

Of course, this product is not without problems. Minor issues have been observed, such as:

  • There is a need to hold on to the pads while Facelift Gym does its job. This may become tiresome after a while, but should gradually be less of an issue after familiarity through regular use.
  • It is uncomfortable to use, especially during initial contact with the face. This is actually not a problem, since the training units can be set for low intensity action. Just as in the warm-up phase of physical exercise, where the pace should be slow and gradually picking up, so starting the units at a low setting is advisable.
  • Not everyone is suitable to use this product. For those who must not use the product, consider getting a top quality eye cream with natural ingredients, such as Revitol’s fine antiaging face care product.

What Are Users Saying?

Many Facelift Gym users have experienced a positive boost after their success with ridding their eye bags. Numerous personal accounts are published on the official website — we showcase a couple below, plus a video testimonial.

Facelift Gym testimonials

Women are happy with Facelift Gym delivering results; so are the men.
Source: FLG official website

With the availability of this easy-to-use facial toning kit, you are now closer to getting much younger looking eyes and regaining the glow on your face that define your elegance.

Where To Buy This Amazing Facial Kit?

Facelift Gym is available for purchase at their official website – first, decide if you want the version for women or men and click the appropriate button below to visit the online store.

Once at the store, you can order just the starter kit and add on the cooling mask, detox patches and collagen drink powder separately*. For the best deal with substantial savings, we recommend you to buy the Super Saver Set. Also, look out for the occasional specials that may be running.

Tip: You can also re-order supplies at the online store, e.g. get Facelift Repair pads in bulk at a deep discount.

Buying Facelift Gym is deemed risk-free when we considered its 14-day full money back guarantee. This can provide some peace of mind while trying out a new product idea like this one. More details about the refund terms and conditions can be found on the official website.

*Note: Some items may not be available for order in your country.

This system of products normally retails online in British pounds at their main website. If you’d like to pay in Euros, US dollars or Canadian dollars, click the appropriate flag below to go to the dedicated site.

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Now You Can Safely Get Rid of Your Eye Bags

Our comprehensive review here has shown you an excellent option to get rid of eye bags. If you have bags under your eyes and have tried for the longest time to make them go away, we recommend you give Facelift Gym a try today. Get ready to be stunned by how this amazing little device can soothe your eye troubles.

So, bid farewell to your eye bags and accompanying dark circles. And welcome that refreshed, radiant and confident new person, each time you look into the mirror :)

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